Q. How can I purchase Rosenfeld Carpets?

A.Our products are sold to the trade only. Contact a local interior designer or our office 561-350-6865 for a designer referral.


Q. Why work with an Interior Designer?

A. Interior designers are interested in improving their clients lives through style,and comfort that are unique to   each client. They are experts at balancing design and aesthetics (pattern, color, texture) with functionality (space planning and performance requirements) The knowledge of a professional interior designer can bring your vision to life and provide amazing results.


Q.  As a designer, how can I get on your designer referral list?

A.  Call us at 561-350-6865 or e-mail our office at with your request and we will do our best to get you listed on a designer referral list in your area.


Q. Can I buy other carpet lines besides your Rosenfeld Brand from you?

A. Yes , we carry most carpet brands at wholesale prices to the trade in addition to our own brand.


Q. Can you refer an installer to us?

A. Yes, we can refer recommended installers all over the USA for our products.